Monday, August 24, 2015

Star Wishes

Blues Stars
Dreams in the night, dreams on mountain tops, American Birds, American Girl, baby boomers, jumps for joy, free as a bird. On the mountain tops, birds and bees, high as a kite, sites to see. Blonde hair and all, stars in heaven, food for the gods. Stars in heaven, stars on earth, angels and fairies. Earth angels, mothers on earth, Adam and Eve. Snakes in the garden, snakes in the woods. Tips and tales, girls with red hoods, into the woods, into the night, snakes and monkey games. Into the woods to grandmothers house. Fairy tales told when we were young.

Fairy tales told, life lessons to learn over time and space. Kids to men, kids to queens and queers, kids in faces in mirror to face. Kids to grow up, kids to stay young at heart, trips to the
moon, on gods grace. Joys to cum, joys in time and space, tips and tales to share. Jumps for joy, dances done in the dark, dances done in the rain. Seas of tears to cross, seas in Seasons in the rain, tears dried, tears left to fall. Sad and blue for the frogs, sad and blue for dazes done in the darkness.

Down in dens, down in packs, snakes and monkeys, in the woods. Happy and gay lifestyle to share. Crooks and robbers classes in the night. Time on cross with Jewish DICKS AND DOGS. Bastor no on jackasses, bitch to birth, pimp out in middle of night. Jokes and biblical stories of Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie, Steven  Jarrot, sinners and saints. Crooks and robbers, hanging  from dogwood trees, monkeys and con men, junk man. Tips and stories, monkeys swinging from dogwood trees. Lessons learned back in the day, in church reading fairy tales.

Snakes in dens and trash cand, thanks for shot to share. American birds to fingers pointed to snakes and frogs, turns to sit and spin, lights out, in time and space. Time to be thankful for the lessons learned from the Tin Man, stories of the slips on the banana peels, the tips for the blog, friends, family and foes with the joys and pains of growth. Gifts of lights on in the darkness, gifts of  words to point out the changes in the shades of blue in the sky.

Strangers to friends, for the season.Wishes on dreams, wishes on stars, desires and prayers, joys and pains to share. Thanks to stars that shine at night, dazes under the stars, for blue stars shooting at night. What a wonderful day, sunny and bright, ready to run to the sunset. Joys and pains, to store, trips to past, ships passing for a day. Reflections of time aND space, trips to the moon. Time to reflect on bumps in the road  lessons learned, tales and tips, songs to sing, joys and pains.

Lights on, third eyes open, blue and green, fours and five, cash and blue skies. Mountains to climb, part of the journey, strangers  to friends, boats to float. Fun and games, toys for boys, jacks and balls in a bag, jacks and balls in bags for girls. Games played by kids around the world. In my world in the fourties, in the fifites, and the sixties. Jumps for joys, jumping roads, girls and boys games played. Stories of your mothers and father's of the generition, baby boomers.

Big dreams in action, houses for displace veterans, help with paperwork, and mental and health issues to be address at the Veterans Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Start there, do the paperwork for benefits, get your picture taken and get the picture card for veterans. Once completed, get a mental and get a medical doctor, then apply for the Vash Housing Program. Must have a history of 1 year on section 8 to buy a house, do the paperwork and get a house.

We can not help dense or dim wits, not time for fools, frogs, or donkeys in the beast of the men and women in question, can not help everybody, just like the horses with the water. Stupid to be fixed in a cold day in hell with a snowball, like in never, okay?

We can only help people that ask for help, time and attention needed to get the cash off the table for veterans already on section 8. A service to provide homes to heal the hearts of the displace veterans. Happy Holidays, seasoning greetings to share time and time again. The wheels keep on turning.

Baby boomers, bats and balls, baseball games played. Baby boomers games, back in the day. History recorded, history ฤบiving in the blue. RefectionS and notes to share. Sunny and bright days in the sun, pages in the past. Tales and stories of the things done. Pages in the past, seasons in the sun, times that have passed. Lessons learned and tales to share, mountains climbed, on the land and seas.

Birds and bees, monkeys and dogs, into the woods, sites to see
. Frogs, fools, snakes with monkeys, swinging from tree to tree. Gifts of hate, gifts of hate and love, gifts of lies, and flashing  faces. Joys and pains in the dark, stuck in a coffin with a fag. ร‡rossed lines in dens of snakes, crossed from light into darkness.

Falls taken in the darkness under the  sands, frogs and snakes, nine times to come out of there skins, jokers and clowns. Games to play all day, games to play with spiders and snakes, anomads under the surfaces, freaks out at night. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and indians, guns and arrows.

Games in the dark, games of cards, games in coins, joker and poker players. Snakes and frogs, poker players, days at tables and places with fools and frogs. Games in the dark, tricks and trades, time and space, joys and pains, jokers and  clown games, ungodly  faces to flash, dazes stoned in the dark.

In the middle of the night the lights came on, the joint was sparked up, blue dreams for the sleepless in the morning. 420 connected with the growers on the coast, friends for the chill times needed from real life. Life without the masks in place for the Flakes, the snakes in the  grass, land whales, jokers and poker players, for the downtime, hell hounds running loose. Doing the dances, doing the games of love and devotion, trips to the beach, the dicks with bitches in heat, love and hate the horns of a goat.

Love and devotion from a cum devil, with problems with English, bullshit, faithful, truthful are hard to define for Cuban transplants. To fail, is the same as practice, first attempts in learning, part of life. Life lessons to master for the trips back in time. To end also means - effects never die, and no means next opportunity, turning the pages, to sail on the boat, without rocking the boat, floating on the ocean.

Walks in the park, fun on the sands of time, foxes and horses. New life with dogwood butterflies, dancing in the rain. The horse and the fox, animals under the skin, out of sight. Races and hurts with the fox by horse riders. Notes to share, pictures not clear, strangers to friends, foxes and horses. Magic in the numbers, magic in the air, daily gifts to share, trips to the moon.

Signs of the times, stars in the sky, animals under the skin. Happy notes from a witch, also a five star bitch, babe in touch in control, and in charge of events and places during her journey. Weird is wonderful, exciting, interesting, real and different,good guys to dance away the days. Life is an adventure every day, magic in the air, power in the greens and blues.

 Thanks again for the little things that make life and living so much better, for the friends that started out as strangers, and the ads or the attention given to make them stand out, and the next member of this partnership. Money guys now are needed, where are they now, hands out and hand up for the cash on the table, forms to fill for more cash needed that is available now.

 Just a few of the things to do, and to wait for the pieces to come in play, and the things needed to secure the ranch in Moreno Valley, and the second and the third places there as well, to the song of 12 or 13 places by the death date, in October. Mercy and Goodness, Richard Alexander Bailey: Buddy also, times of life when it was sunny and bright season in the sun .

 Thanks for a few years before expiration on the right side of the grave.  Graves to you, and graves to me, and graves for the lost few that did not get graves, so have to mark time another way, sorry Richard for not having a last resting place, by mom this year is what I hope on one hand, on the other hand want to fine  Alexander Renee  Bailey, Richard biy, his son living, would like to have place by then my dream.

Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. Gifts and talents runs to good looks, lack of brains, with lots of tickets for trains, and free plane rides. Hell hounds here on earth, gifts from the center of the earth, gifts from the fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

Captions for the kings that rule, leaders in their field, cash rewards stored, mature, witty a wise, hair long to blew whips in the wind, men in white hats. Giants on land, giants on the seas, yachts, boats and houses next to the sea, dream life for me. The best time of my life is yet to come, with the horses racing for the life to start at the water, common grounds to plant seeds, good times to share daily adventures to start. Gifts to share and stories to grow over time, roads to greatness to choose, hopes, dreams and prayers in place, set to go. Happy and delighted still for the time and space to dream more.

Music to dance to, music to tell pieces of the stories, fairy tales of life to create, Moses and Jesus, men on the same time, white for the masses around the world, another fairy tale to control the sheep. Fairy tales in the bible, happy life after you expire if you follow the rules, or burn in hell, love and devotion with a twist, acceptable to frogs around the globe. Jokers to the right and clowns to the left, stuck in the middle with better stories to get older and wiser as a giant. Gifts to share, the joys and pains in learning the first time, English is fine for me.

Jokes on the dense, laughter for  the frogs, snakes and land whale, stars that I  created with  the pictures, with the names and locations of the cattle on the open ranges. Good times with the pieces of a dream life. Jokes about being stupid, born the day when fresh stupid was out, had to use day old stupid instead, those people lose  ground daily. Stupid can not be fixed, stupid have hard times with formal English, not able to understand to fail, is to learn, first attempts in learning, only the Dence and dumb would ask for  English  instead. Okay to you? Clear as mud for me, the level of hard knocks was unknown for frog.

Coins for the boat man, heads to carry across the river of life after death, dragons to fire the purple lights, so bright for the night views of the bones in the way. Spooks and ghost, that have lost their way. Going up, going down, sites from the fires of the hopes of the displace, souls floating with the angels across the lines. Battles with good and evil, battles for the rights and the reasons, to blow the horns, love and hate, so much more love to make, horns of a goat, sheep in fields to wait.


  1. . Another buzz kill. Jokes on land, jokers to poker players to ride, faces of snakes to devils : 7608512267, Steven Jarrot, oral expert on craigslist, Ventura or Upland, California, party and pay. Good times, classes on the beach, love or hate, goat horns. Tips and tales, gifts in pictures and viedos....forever buff. Jewish Jesus Christ, Jewish Steven Jarrot, Jewish jokers and robbers: monkeys swinging swingers, con men dancing in the wind. Goodness and mercy angels back to back, birds and bees, monkeys in the trees, plenty of fish in the seas.

  2. Blues Stars
    Dreams in the night, dreams on mountain tops, American Birds, American Girl, baby boomers, jumps for joy, free as a bird. On the mountain tops, birds and bees, high as a kite, sites to see. Blonde hair and all, stars in heaven, food for the gods. Stars in heaven, stars on earth, angels and fairies. Earth angels, mothers on earth, Adam and Eve. Snakes in the garden, snakes in the woods. Tips and tales, girls with red hoods, into the woods, into the night, snakes and monkey games. Into the woods to grandmothers house. Fairy tales told when we were young.

  3. Reflections are always good, and we should take time to relax and think about the ifs. The possibilities are endless for the things that I want. I just want a piece of the ski every day. Forever and a day, in the moment, with the start at now in the present. Not a dream real life. Ready for the best, that is still on the edge to happening today. Let’s ask a few people that were here last year.Ready for the Manners Series: Manners For Millions- Kissed a frog๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’™Mules for the pills of dung, RV campers.