Saturday, August 1, 2015

Seas of Tears

Ships Crossed
Happy notes, happy feet, dances on the beach, seas of teas crossed on the seven seas. Seasons, reasons, and causes, homeless veterans, homes for the winters. Houses, and homes, joys and pleasures to share, earth angels, targets for land whales. Tips and tales of the fish in the seas. Fairy tales, frogs kissed, American Toads.

Songs to sing for the masses, songs to sing and dance the nights away, hope hopping searching for places to land. Gifts to share, acts of kindness to give and take, smiles for the mistakes corrected. Mercy and goodness here to correct the mistakes, make the grades to take the next step up the mountains that you choose to climb. What a great day to be alive still, jumps for joys and pains of the good life, happy with the rewards, happy with the pies in the sky and the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows.

On the yellow brick road, with the lion, on the yellow brick road with the Tin Man, where are the others, that are going to the green cities? Questions for the OZ? Roads to riches, lands to dream about, ships passing in the night. Dances for the Tin Men, dances for the frogs and freaks out at night. Prayers, wishes, dreams, desires equal to the dances done on the yellow brick roads. Songs to sing, songs to dance the nights away with a Tin Man, dances with a Lion, dances with a scarecrows, dances with the dogs and the girls on the yellow brick roads to greatness. Ready to dance and sing life away?

Another story fresh from the seas of frogs. Holiday from male frogs with offspring in June, one day a year, joys and pleasures. Done and over. Looking at the days, months, and color of your shirt, a new fairy tale. Let's take September 4, 1962, first attempts  in learning, learned in first attempt. Flipping the coin, looking in the mirror in yesterday, days done. It was the third of September, in the month of March 2011: Was kidnapped by a wolf, with the winds of hot air, shot though the heart, a tiny and petite fairy, smiles for dazes, an earth angel tricked.

The prince of darkness, ŕipe and young, Steven Jarrot.  Born on the 4th, it was a dog on the table, not a frog this time. Love and devotion taken for a spin, truth and honest, on the coins. Love and hate, horns of a goat, on a boat, on a plane, in a RV. New story to create to share, the joy and pains of new ways to walk tall.

Went for a ride with a wolf, the leader of the pack, the good looks fading in the mirror, Steven Jarrot. Wolf with green eyes in glasses. A trip to hell in a hand basket, with a hell hound bend on having cake with ice cream. He had glasses covered in mud, with the rose color lenses, always on his face. Blind as a bat since birth, was alway running  into walls.

Happiness in Hollywood, for the sinner or saint? First in his family, an American Toad, in this fairy tale, a wolf. Days in the sun, days in the rain, the school of Hard knocks to attend. Steven Jarrot, learned lessons in his family, to act the part, of a wolf, a frog, a freak, and a snake in the grass.

Born the day when angels were out of stupid brains, had to use day old stupid instead, has been losing ground since birth. Born to greatness in his herd of jackasses, wolves, and buffalo. Faces, animals, within and without the masks in place. Card skills run in the family, jokers in the poker card games, rules to live by. Sinners and saints, Jesus and Moses, both sides of the coins.

Head under water, bleating air, live life under water. Gifts on both sides of the coin, flipping fine, songs to sing. Girls in hood,red hood on girls in the woods, trips with bread and  cakes. Little red riding hood, girl in woods to see grandmother, fairy tales, lost and confused. Veterans and earth ages  of goodness and mercy, gifts to share. Tips and tales, wolves in the woods, dogwood trees, 420 trees, farmer's markets. Mickey Brown, seven kids, friends on right and left sides of graves. Wise women, my mother, uncle James Brown.

Dance in the wind, visits at night, when you sleep. Dreams, goals, and plans, stars in your dreams, dances on the beach. James Brown, god father of soul, happy dazes on left side of grave. Great day, wonderful day, on right side of grave. Wolves dead and buried, bones in a box. Good times in classes on the beach, classes in dens of snakes, in the woods. Clowns to the left, jokers and jackasses  on the right, kids and mental veterans stuck in the middle. Darkness in wood, darkness in snake dens, darkness on shores of time.

Ships passing in the night, games to play under the surfaces. Worlds under the surfaces of dreams, joys and laughter, tales created on the seven seas. Back on track, back on the boat, good times, songs to sing. Happy feet, joy and happiness, dances on decks of dreams, giants green and blue, sailers. Santa Claus, Father time, and Jesus Crist, con men, tales shared around the world.

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Oral talents to sell, party and pay, crooks and robbers, credit or cash to steal. Veterans with computers taken for a ride. Mental alert, lights on snakes, land whales and basket cased. Steven and Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998 in the movie. Bonus on Adam to Adam, RV swingers on the beach. gay >>>
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Tales and tips, trips to hell, hell hounds, crooks and robbers. Dreams of fame, movie connection  to barter for directors shots. Dances on laps of frogs and freaks, oral talents  to trade, and trick. Prey on he less veterans, computers to steal, friends with head in sands. Failed to learn, life lessons, two strikes, will be out of games. Darkstar  of David, legends in minds of Jewish Cuban Turkeys: Jarrot Fruit and Nuts 2015.

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  1. Angels above, sights to see the undead and the unstable, spooks that appear for the corrections need for a night of peace. Gifts of words need to tame the beasts on the left side of the graves. Graves to me and graves to me, busy dying daily, joys and pains with the bumps in the road.

    Lessons to learn, dates to set for the joys and pains of growth and rolling with the flow of the river. Oceans and seas of chance to take for the better dazes over the rainbow, gifts to share with the tales and stories of the undead and unstable. Friends, family members and foes thanks for the crossroad turns to take on the faces of the freaks out at night, to party and play to death, good times on the beaches.