Saturday, August 22, 2015

Black Class

Black Powers
Sing a song, dance the night away, peace and understanding. Black notes, black panthers to shine, food and fun for the masses. Women with kids, infants and children programs to eat. Flood and food programs, started back in the day. Gifts and treats, Black Panther Program for food to eat. Feed the kids, feed the mothers with kids, WIC today, back in the day, tip to share. Thanks so much.

Time to sing, time to dance, good times tips to share. Stories, tales, and pictures of words and deeds done. Gifts to lasts, history written, trips to hell. Joys and pains, joys and pleasures, jokes to laugh. Tips and tales, land whales, fools and freaks, classes on the beach. Haters and cheaters to lie, blame games, fingers pointed to excuses and lies.

CASE HISTORY: THIS isn't love it's demonic just like you bitches, Sheri and Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: and you can just keep on believing you are a queen. You will be in hell and there aren't any queens there,  just fire brimstone and wiping and gnashing of teeth forever.  You are clearly possessed, just like your mothers said.  No wonder your daughters wants nothing to do with you, you are both just a nasty pepole,  a family to con the freaks, with the morals of a rotten apples. None.

Basket cases, land whales, and freaks in his family trees. Steven Jarrot, fags, fag hages, and butches to date, just listen to the bitching for a life time. Happy and gay, happy and delighted with a life without Steven or his love of dicks and chicks to sit on his face for the tasteful pleasures of the freaks out at night. Distance noted, not needed with the pictures to point the fingers at the freaks, frogs, saints and sinners, 52 ways to play this hand.

Down Time: In the still of the night. After the sun sets. Notes in the dark alone. Bright lights on the noises left on the sands of time. Reasons, seasons and causes, ships crossing in the quiet hours of the night. Blessings or lessons, reasons for changes, the purpores to grow and expand. Horse and pony shows, rats racing to the lines of dazes done, working.

Hopes and prayers, goodness and mercy, angels, faries and mothers. Tales of hope, stories of fish and frogs, girls lost in the woods. Wishes and prayers, on the ships of dreams. Dreams in action. Dreams working with dogwood butterflies, California Women, the state butterfly, tales to share. Bright lights in the sun, stars high in the sky, far away in the sunshine. Need the darkness for stars to shine. Stars to shine bright, earth angels, fairies and pies in the sky to collect. Just happy for dazes to change, dances in the wind on the beaches, on the boats good times.

Cartoon Movies: Trips to the moon, on the dark nights, black panther tips. Food programs started, black people, black men, black pants to beat. Goodness and mercy deeds and actions, dreams in action, food to eat. Wic, women infants with children, food products for women with kids. Rewards and bonus, great program in progress  still. Thanks so much.

Food for fun, food for classes on the beach. Love for self, love to talk about blame, fingers pointed to aim. Sucker on the beach, oral skills to sell, trick or barter free will, snakes in dens to fry. Dances in the rain, joys and pains, times to run about. Tricks, fags, land whales, plenty of fish in the seas, dances on the beach. Party and play with a snake today. Good times, goodness and mercy, angel out with birds and bees.

Girls on beach, girls with red hoods, into the woods, fairy tales, cartoon dykes. Monkeys and frogs on green branches, dogwood trees in the woods, frogs  and freaks, cartoon dykes to swing. Jokes and laughs, joys and pains, cows and buffalo, snakes in grass to pass. Fruits and nuts, suckers two, tricks and trades, in the woods.

Good times, sad times, life on the beach, friends and fish in the seas. Classes in the woods, clashe's on the beach, dykes and fags, frogs and snakes. Lions to eat, monkeys, snakes, frogs and fresh  fresks, dances on the beach. Snakes and frogs to fry, food to eat, dykes, butches, with  bitches in heat. Over the lands and seas, snakes in dens, frogs in army, monkeys in packs.

Dykes, butches and bitches, swingers and monkeys trash on dogwood trees. Birds and bees, flowers on dogwood trees, songs to sing. Fairy family, goodness and mercy angels, back to back, lions to date. Freaks and family basket cases, dens of snakes, fruit  and nuts to go. Fires burning snakes on sticks, fish and frogs to fry. Snakes, frogs, and monkeys fried, taste like chicken, shit to frogs, smoking blue dreams. Sinners and saints, frogs and freaks, history created.

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    Gay lifestyle, say what?

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