Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dead Heads

Wales Movies

Jumps for joy, joy for fun, tips and tells, just for one. Tricks and trades, games like sire, suckers to cun, joys and pleasures .  Trips to the white moon, bottoms up, bare buts on beach, songs to sign, songs to sing, thank god the which is dead. Jokes on dead, christmas  day 2012, grandmother killed by mice. Not dead by tracks on head. Grandmother not dead by reindeers. Great song, better then dead by cancer, holes in the head.

Joys and pains, bones in a box, another one bites the dust. Sinners  and saints, joy to the world. Butch on a jackass, with her pimp, birth to a bastad to save the world. Notes
Notes left in sky. Stars in the heavens, stars to guide, the drug runners, the wise men. Fairy tales, Bible stories, Peter Pan take a stand.


Standard Rachel Jarrot, a peer from my Journalism class. Originally from La Quinta, California, Rachel came to Boulder. Being raised in a desert area surrounded by mountains, she wanted to go somewhere different. Rachel has some family who lives in Colorado, and “was a good 60% of why I wanted to come here.” Upon arriving, Rachel soon realized that by coming to Boulder to move out of her comfort zone, she had once again surrounded herself with mountains.

Views of a snake, monkey swinger on dogwood trees. Before all of that occurred,Rachel Jarrot: butch on boys polo teams: she was the captain of her swim team and water polo team at La Quinta High School. Every morning, she would have to sing a short jingle over the intercom system, taled, told on who to fuck. Lots of history of pussy lover, in song and dances. Food for joy and laughter: advertising a school karaoke event. She was also an avid dancer and softball player, and she loves the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Wigsout, not Rachel Walker, art on edge of world. Tricks and trades for movie parts:  aspiring film student, with a love for romantic comedies and an enjoyment of documentaries and horror movies. She plans on attending a College in Los Angeles starting in the fall, so as to get right into the middle of the film industry. Her current plans for the future after college include moving to New York, finding a Starbucks to visit every day and meeting her own “Chuck Bass.” or Charles Deadhead.

Happiness RV camping for true love on craigslist, searches for males and mental basket cases for girlfriends, to rob and cheat the night away. This the moves of a white, cuban lover of sex, male or female the same, cum is cum and tasteful delights for cum dump Steven Jarrot: 7608512267, will cover eyes for pussies in the family.

Rachel, Randy, Rocky, Sheri, Sima, the golden whales in the tribe, freaks to ad Reese Smith, Charles R. Jarrot, the girly man, with $160,000 spent on sex changes that did not work. Simple, shallow and dim wits to share good times with. Happy and gay lifestyle, open season for dicks on the down low, in Upland, Montclair, Ventura, Indio, La Quinta, and the beaches parked in RV for fun and games. Home to freaks out at night, lifestyle to share with all kinds of party favors, drugs from a dealer of meth, and 420, sex oral specialist-job for life, the best sucker to date for a trip on the wild side.

Hogs and cattle, freaks and frogs, good times to party and play the nights away, dream life to have different asses on your face, lover for one is not the case, to much sex and the eyes goes batty for frogs, or craps under the rocks, under the sands of time, snakes, frogs, and cattle callers out to rob your blind, time and attention to spare for the freaks out at night?

No not in this life, maybe later as a bird, plenty of fish to seas....
Falls taken in the darkness under the  sands, frogs and snakes, nine times to come out of there skins, jokers and clowns. Games to play all day, games to play with spiders and snakes, anomads under the surfaces, freaks out at night. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and indians, guns and arrows.


  1. Thanks for sharing.Rachel Jarrot, Rachel wigs off, butch forever, date a land whale, california cow. Cum sucker, gang bang dyke, good tikes. Dates?or you, ass lubed up, gang bang, pitchers on point, jokes to yell. Ship of fools, ships of freaks, snakes in thegrass. Another buzz kill. Jokes on land, jokers to poker players to ride, faces of snakes to devils : 7608512267, Steven Jarrot, sticks and rocks...Toads birth under stars. Found a barn, to let the goat out. Bitch had a bastard, Jesus Christ was born in a barn. Cow two born that night Food for sheep, fun for witty, educated , interesting, real and different earth angels. W E I R D...Hidden messages in stories told, written history to pass down.


  2. Coins for the boat man, heads to carry across the river of life after death, dragons to fire the purple lights, so bright for the night views of the bones in the way. Spooks and ghost, that have lost their way. Going up, going down, sites from the fires of the hopes of the displace, souls floating with the angels across the lines. Battles with good and evil, battles for the rights and the reasons, to blow the horns, love and hate, so much more love to make, horns of a goat, sheep in fields to wait.