Saturday, August 29, 2015

Green Dreams

Grumpy Notes
Nice day, nice note to share, power in the works, magic in colors. Green, orange, white colors of luck, seven men asleep. Practice being dead, jokes and laughter instead. Can't  find time in  the  day, songs to sing all night long, sleeping or playing dead. Lessons  to learn, seven men in the dark, classes in snake dens. Stones and gems, under the sands, seven  men playing dead.

Dream Knights:Dreams in the night, dreams on mountain tops, American Birds, American Girl, baby boomers, jumps for joy, free as a bird. On the mountain tops, birds and bees, high as a kite, sites to see. Blonde hair and all, stars in heaven, food for the gods. Stars in heaven, stars on earth, angels and fairies.

 Earth angels, mothers on earth, Adam and Eve. Snakes in the garden, snakes in the woods. Tips and tales, girls with red hoods, into the woods, into the night, snakes and monkey games. Into the woods to grandmothers house. Fairy tales told when we were young.

Facebook Idiots: Songs to sing, faces in masks, Steven Jarrot, cum sucker under name of bitch. Snake in girlfriends account, many more online. Maya Moore, Penny and Chuck Moore, names to blow in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps in dance, life is a beach. Classes on love and hate, classes on frogs and snakes online. History created  not news today.

Angels that fall, earth angels that trip, broken wings, unable to fly. Birds and bees, with broken wings can't fly, trips to hell, snakes in dens. Fools and frogs, monkeys in packs, in dogwood trees. Nightmares still alone in the night, nightmares every nite, fat white fags. Jokers and poker players online, crooks and robbers, cum suckers to date.

Trips to hell, birds in rebirth stage, out of the fires, into the lights, dreams and wishes tonight. Batteries included with dolls dancing in the nights, seas of frogs and snakes, dancing in the dark. Classes on the beach, herds of whales, dens of snakes, dances on thr beach. Green cash, green luck, green backs, rewards and bonus on acts and wishes, dreams in motion. Monkeys swing from dogwood trees, biblical tales to spin, American Birds on hands, stars and wishes.  Dances in the rain, dances in the dark, to dream to dance, life is a beach.


  1. Nice post. black to trick eyes, cheap trick, Rachel Butch, Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot, butch to snake. Heads Without Hair: Wigs in Place. Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, butches to bitches, wigs on head, laughs out lord, jokes to share. Notes to share, history online. Wednesday, August 5, 2015: Lion Army: Lion Packs: Love and lions, love and devotion, lions in classes in the valleys. Classes to set, goodness and mercy, dancing lions with snakes in grasses, daily battles. Tricks and trades, crooks and robbers, frogs and snakes, dances on the beach. Good times, lyon to self, blame games, failed to learn life lessons.

  2. lack Writers
    Good times, monkeys swingers in the wind, jokes on land to see. Nights alone the way, paths crossed, veterans and black female heroes, nightmares from time serve. Gifts of lives in danger, acts and deeds to note, sad tales of men in attacks. Lives lost, lives given to protect our way of life. Dangers covered on land and seas, American blacks, American Girls and women, fights for rites and reasons. Sex attach hidden, military men on American females, fights in the night, fights for rites, fights of hate and shame. Broken and hurt, jokes today for the land whales. Fingers pointed at rites and reasons, earth angels, military black women, attacks of love and hate. Tips and tales to share.