Monday, August 24, 2015

Hairy Angels

Angels Count
Dances in the clouds, dances in the sky, angels with wings to fly. Joys and pains,
left behind, trips to moon, dates to set. Angels in heaven, angels in hell, trips to take. Lessons to learn, fairy tales in past, bible stories to share. Gifts in songs, words to tell, schools of hard knocks. Dances in the rain, seas of tears to cross, sunny and bright for dazes. Dances in the dark, darkness in the woods. Girls in red hoods.

Danger in the woods, frogs and snakes, monkeys on trees. Games to pay, games with freaks to pay. Monkeys and snakes, into the woods, worlds away. Life as a candle in the wind. Lights out, dazes done in darkness, fools and frogs, food for fun. Snakes and frogs to fry, nights in the dark, hell to pay. Gifts of blames, fingers pointed at self. Acts and deeded recorded, history on ice. Dates in gardens of hate, bones in abox, asses to ashes. Dead, undead, unstable freaks in the woods.

Thanks again for the little things that make life and living so much better, for the friends that started out as strangers, and the ads or the attention given to make them stand out, and the next member of this partnership. Money guys now are needed, where are they now, hands out and hand up for the cash on the table, forms to fill for more cash needed that is available now.

 Just a few of the things to do, and to wait for the pieces to come in play, and the things needed to secure the ranch in Moreno Valley, and the second and the third places there as well, to the song of 12 or 13 places by the death date, in October. Mercy and Goodness, Richard Alexander Bailey: Buddy also, times of life when it was sunny and bright season in the sun .

 Thanks for a few years before expiration on the right side of the grave.  Graves to you, and graves to me, and graves for the lost few that did not get graves, so have to mark time another way, sorry Richard for not having a last resting place, by mom this year is what I hope on one hand, on the other hand want to fine Alexander Renee Bailey, Richards boy, dates to set, trips to make, kids lost to be found, joys and pains, trips on the road. 

Just a note for earth angel, in the dark, family and friends unknown to Alexander Renee Bailey, songs to sings, voices in the wind. Treats and tales for his son living, would like to have place by then my dream. Dreams in action, dreams in the works, dreams of help and hands out to save from the grave. Hope burning, hope is to hold on, pain ends. No means next opportunity to shine, lights on high, angels in sky. Wishes, dreams and desires to shine, angels on high, Richard and moms. 


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