Monday, January 11, 2016

Star Wars, New Years, Monkey Year 2016, New World Plans

Standards Set, Stands For Rites, Trees In Storming weather, gales of winds, trees in the wind. Just one nut, just one dogwood trees, good times, the dogs out in the woods. Dogs and dicks, dogs and bitches, days in the woods, days in the trees, days in life in a trailer, in a RV, good times. Movies to watch, TV shows, hopes and dreams on the down side. Hopes, wishes, dreams in actions, dances on the sands of times. Hands out, hands up, hands down, trips to the moons, trips to the dances in the sands, hopes burning fires, going strong. 

Dancing Dawgs: Jokes online, jokes on Facebook, cum suckers to date. Butches to bitches, good times in the sun, snakes and snails. Monkey one, monkey see, monkey two to yell and scream. Dream dykes, butches in porn movies, dogs in heat, party and play at the beach. Wigs to hats, hair to spare $6000 a pop. Ghosts and spooks, dawn of the dead, jokes about history online. Red girls, red hoods, girls in the woods, in the dark, snakes on dens in the shadows. Tails to spin, tails to sit and spin, on faces of land whales. Porn movie stars, simple, shallow and dimwits. Jokes online, jokes on cows to buffalo, horse and pony shows. Rats running rats, movie directors, still rats at the end of day.

Dancing Snakes: Tales and tweets, frogs and snakes dancing in the wind. Jokes on frogs, laughs at hogs, snake movie stars. Simple, shallow, selfish and vain, hell hounds, turkeys without hair. Hairs to you movie buff forever, Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot, tricks and trades to direct, porn home movies, asses out in wind. Airhead, castles in the skies, tips to share.  Dead to rites, asses to ashes, dust in the winds, thanks  nice sho. Classes on the beach, crooks and robbers in charge. Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998 . Dead babies, dead dogs, back in the honors with awards. Rachellyn1010, Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot,  fools to rule, dead Jewish rites. Disgraces to share.

Wise words to share, nice tips. Thanks for prayers, amen. Good one, loved it, wise words. Ice and fire notes lucky days.  Earth Angel, thanks for tips around the world. Views and noses, buggers in yours today. So what, thanks  for your views share. Happy holidays, gums out for dead heads, jokes told on  float boats.

Facebook Idiots: Songs to sing, faces in masks, Steven Jarrot, cum sucker under name of bitch. Snake in girlfriends account, many more online. Maya Moore, Penny and Chuck Moore, names to blow in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps in dance, life is a beach. Classes on love and hate, classes on frogs and snakes online. History created  not news today. Angels that fall, earth angels that trip, broken wings, unable to fly. Birds and bees, with broken wings can't fly, trips to hell, snakes in dens. Fools and frogs, monkeys in packs, in dogwood trees. Nightmares still alone in the night, nightmares every nite, fat white fags. Jokers and poker players online, crooks and robbers, cum suckers to date.


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  1. American Birds, Animals Inside, Sit and Spin, Horse And Pony, horse and Pony Shows, Pictures to see, all the animals in one skin, how many to count, notes of my beliefs to share. White lights, white animals, white and right sites, coins to flip, so many ways, so many animals under the skin. Angels and fairies, birds and bees, sheep and goats, horns of love and hate, sheep to keep, birds to fly away, in the winger lights. Mountains to climb, monkeys years 2016, friends and family, angels in the sky, dates to wait.