Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie, Dead And Gone, Angels Songs


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Happy Birthday, David Bowie, Say hello To My mother, hope you get to meet. Sad story to hear you expired. Sorry to hear about your battles with cancer, hope it was not painful for you, wanted to wish you well. Dancing in the dark, dancing in heaven, time to shine again, back in our father's house. Micheal Jackson is there, my mothers, Aleane Brenagh Bailey, died a long time ago, and my Grandmother Miss Vic, the babysitter of North Palm Springs, CA. Back in the day when alive, stories to share, the good times, the sad times, the ways to share, to keep them here, in our hearts. Happy stories, happy tales of the lives we shared, once in your life time. Songs to sing, dances in the dark, dances in the rain, glory days done.

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  1. Nice post.Another fairy tale of Jack's or Jill's after falling down the hill, still have time to get back up, more time to turn around, make new plans to carry on. Paths to choose to walk the lines to greatness. Jack or John, giants of colors black, white and green, with geese that lay golden eggs. In your house?