Monday, January 18, 2016

My Father House, In Italy, Bugs and Bees, Vines Of Wine

Coins for the boat man, heads to carry across the river of life after death, dragons to fire the purple lights, so bright for the night views of the bones in the way. Spooks and ghost, that have lost their way. Going up, going down, sites from the fires of the hopes of the displace, souls floating with the angels across the lines. Battles with good and evil, battles for the rights and the reasons, to blow the horns, love and hate, so much more love to make, horns of a goat, sheep in fields to wait.

 Happy dazes again, joys and pains, lessons learned, frogs and fish in the water, notes of bugs and snakes. Happy for the cows, happy for the birds and the bald turkeys, saints and sinners, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Common Walls, Jails And Prisons, Walls for knights to guard. Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. 

Gifts and talents runs to good looks, lack of brains, with lots of tickets for trains, and free plane rides. Hell hounds here on earth, gifts from the center of the earth, gifts from the fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

Medieval Fixer-Upper

Jokes and laughs, How I saw it, good times to share. Tongue Out Like Snakes, Jokes on Grandmother Vic, once when I was five. Jane " The Pain", stuck her tongue out at me for something, and I told Grandmother Vic, there was a snake in the house, in Palm Springs, CA. She got all scared,she started to yell get out of the house fast, was not able to keep a stright  face. Told her it was a joke, don't  think she liked it much. Blue Birds, Singing Songs, Messages clear, joys and pleasures, writers dazes, happiness to rites. Third party views, my sisters, my mothers, time to share. Flipping coins to find out, who come next, updates to do. History recorded, not news today, unless you never know. News flashes, faces turned to yesterday, lives losts, lives over. Time to say hello to angels in air, mothers and brothers expired, now angels again.

Every starts life as a star in the light, so shining and new, until the age of 12, rights and reason. Laws of land, rights and reasons, different between good and bad, to say in courts. Goodness and mercy, angels for me, do you know your angels protection, gifts to share all the time. See yourself in other people, treat others as you would yourself, one of the google rules. Another one to share, sometimes you win, and sometimes you loss, have fun and be a good sport. Most important two, light night and day, seven sins, seven snakes, short men in the woods. Fairy tales, biblical stories, hidden messages, of mountains climb, rules to play, to save the lands, from evil forces under the surfaces.

Singing birds in dogwood trees, happy songs to sing, good times. Government workers, military first: Always A Marine, day job for six years, got on first plane ride, with Uncle Sam. Happiness was getting out of high school, spending summer in California, then off to South Carolina. Grandmother Mary Jane Bailey, died that year, red cool aid, drank to death, November 1978. Sad story, classes of fools, some con artist, Jim Jones, second Jesus  Christ.

Red Hair, Dallas Angels, Stories to Tell. Pictures and words, brief story, sent by email, "kicking it with John", farmers in the dell. Jack Bailey and his kids, and their kids, got togethet once. First family of Jack and Aleane Bailey, married once, before death. Aleane Bailey, dead at age 34, in Tucson, Az: October 16, 1971. Left five kids behind, kept trying to take Buddy back, he went back first. Richard Alexander Bailey, your little brother, cousin, or friends. Sad story, Buddy dead at 41, day worker for more money, died alone in the house. One little pig, to cry his way home, by cans of sprays. Huff and puffed, his way out of life, no family to talk at all. Red riding hood? Cinderella or Lady and the Tramp, men or mice, honest and truthful, faithful and loyal, John Cowboy, the golden giant. Trips around the world, Paris for downloading, time out to dream, dance, and love. Strangers to friends, love, needs, desires to go with dances on the boat, docked in Newport. Time to sail the seven seas into the sunset.


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  1. New friends, and more wind under my wings, and the beginning of growth and changes. Trees in the woods, girls on the way to grandmothers houses, dates on the beach. RV campers, Steven Jarrot, number one, crook of computers, Best Buys, done in darkness, still in the dark. Birthday issues, gifts to share. Tales and it's time for lights on deeds and actions. History recorded, not news, fruits and nuts to go.Rats running rats, movie directors, still rats at the end of day.