Monday, January 11, 2016

Royal Acting Parts, David Bowie, Dead Knights


David Bowie, All Dressed Up, Songs To Sing, Acting a part, glory days done. Sorry to hear, that he did not last, this year, had a birthday Januaury 8,  2016, then died two days later,  January  10, 2016, why did he have to go. Sad eyes, eyes with tears to fall, sad story for some many, no more songs to create, here on earth. Angel in the sky now, songs so much better, thanks for the time we share, here together. Thanks for the songs you left, David Bowie. 

Prince Frogg: Out of the Box: Not a keeper, frog to toss back, or learn the hard way? Stright? ..Airs above your station in life, just for the looks and attention. So it is about time for the frogs, cows, schools, and the jester and bad hair day. Little Sister Was Fighting Big Sister's Battles For Her. Facebook Idiots: Songs to sing, faces in masks, Steven Jarrot, cum sucker under name of bitch. Snake in girlfriends account, many more online. Maya Moore, Penny and Chuck Moore, names to blow in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps in dance, life is a beach. Classes on love and hate, classes on frogs and snakes online. History created  not news today.Angels that fall, earth angels that trip, broken wings, unable to fly. Birds and bees, with broken wings can't fly, trips to hell, snakes in dens. Fools and frogs, monkeys in packs, in dogwood trees. Nightmares still alone in the night, nightmares every nite, fat white fags. Jokers and poker players online, crooks and robbers, cum suckers to date.

Third Party Views, History online, all to share, life lessons, love and hate. Rach Jay, Back in the day, After Rachel Gay Jarrot: Feb, 25, 2014: Steven Jarrot, exciting  excuses, blame games on hand, fingers pointed at others, what, a snake likely to say.   BBW-Rachel Jarrot-bison to buffalo, now of course,  is how I see it. Rest time for the wicked? Expiration dates are coming for some.

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