Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lovers and haters, faces in the mirror, goat and sheep, how to play, tales told, tales in the air, birds and bees, wings to fly away. Songs and faces, dances in the sands, trips to the heavens and back, games of love and hate, horns of a goat, kids with play, angels for a moment. Time and space, songs to sing,fun and games, tricks and lads, good tales, treats, and trades. Glory dazes done. Tales and tips from great people, birds of the air, angels in the sky, angles of host in the heavens, tips are left. Light and darkness, goodness and mercy, shadows of darkness, lights to turn on. Candles in the wind, candles blowing the heat of hope, the fires of purple and orange lights. Hope and luck, tips of the Irish, march forward. Success is a moving target, hats and horns to cover the ears. Angels and devils, good and evil, right and wrong, faces on the coins, toss for the luck, for the love, for the life.

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Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness  found in the herds of sheep on top of the ground once. Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods.

Raiders Of Blog Returns: Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot-Seven Snakes, 

monkeys swingers on dogwood trees, frogs to eat the worms, pigs to eat snakes.

Songs to sing, daily life, events to write home about, fags, snakes, frogs to toads, Cuban Rites

Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, hell hound, oral expert, to share, to trade, to barter, for cash, day jobs.

Sat 21 Jul 2012 - Like a Rock Star.Not. Daddy Gimme More
Have a few more stories to share with you about today. It was a clear cold day for February, in the sleeping almost coast town of Ventura. It was a day to go to the beach as well as all the other days when you get to go to the beach. For some people to go to the beach is unheard of so, my world is a dream life or a nightmare. I want to think, and I do believe that everyday above ground is a good day.

Today I found out that Little Whiney Houston bought the farm at 48. What a sad tale for the world to have to hear. My first thoughts were with Bobbie, the little girl that she, had with Bobby Brown. The little girl, Bobbie should be a teen ager now. My thoughts were at least she still has a grandmother living. And then I went to think about the life that was just lost yesterday, and think what was it that causes the light to go out yesterday, the Whitney had blowing in the wind. .

Life is just too short. It is a pity that people live their life busy dying instead of busy living. I have a very happy boyfriend that wants to become more. But how can you be with a person who tells you to please not talk. I was thinking, if he does not like the way I talk, how we can go on.
Jay Tiger knows that it is breaking down already but he cannot go on. Jay has a kid that went to New York City on the Jewish dime.

She talked with her dad 3 times in one day. That was a record. She had been in the habit of text dad just for more money. Are she was texting dad bring me lunch. Are the other types of things that she texted her day suggested from her point of view that she was the kid of a fool? I do not know why kids call their parents� names when the names like fat boy. She is saying she is fat because her father is fat. She is the kid of fat people out of her mouth. Her remarks to Maria the Mexican menopause baby, of a Mexican and an Asia woman create a senior girl that needs or likes to be lead. Bob on boy has that kind of a fool or a fat boy or just a hairdresser does know how to get other too paid for the things she wants.

One respect frame that her father wanted to share was �Why Party like a Rock Star. Party like a Jew!!!!�Or just save more money on the things that they do have to spend their own money on. What else can a saying like that mean? The dad could not tell me what that meant. 

Facebook Idiots: Songs to sing, faces in masks, Steven Jarrot, cum sucker under name of bitch. Snake in girlfriends account, many more online. Maya Moore, Penny and Chuck Moore, names to blow in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps in dance, life is a beach. Classes on love and hate, classes on frogs and snakes online. History created  not news today.Angels that fall, earth angels that trip, broken wings, unable to fly. Birds and bees, with broken wings can't fly, trips to hell, snakes in dens. Fools and frogs, monkeys in packs, in dogwood trees. Nightmares still alone in the night, nightmares every nite, fat white fags. Jokers and poker players online, crooks and robbers, cum suckers to date.

Hats and horns to blow, love and hate, for a father, not a saint, tales of who was on top. Games of balls to toss in the air, games and cards on the tables, jacks and balls in the dirt, games of boys, games to play. Jokes and laughs, back in the day, back in time, back as a kid. Pages to turn, stories to write, no more time on spiders and snakes. Boys to men, games with cards, games with who can go all the way. Ways and means, , bumps in the roads, paths taken on the yellow, brick roads. 

Dances with straw men, jokes and laugh, movies of who need more from the lands of OZ. Girl lost, girls away from home, shoes needed to get back, dreams of home, and three clicks. Fairy tales, monkeys to fly, tricks and trades for a good life. Dreams of greatness, lost in the potholes, bumps in the roads, time to do over again, dances on the sands of time. American Birds, fingers on hand, time to sit and spin, fucked for now, glory days done. Time and space, lessons learned, it is all about what you know, and who you know that can move mountains, and the bumps in the road are taken full speed ahead, the leaders are the frogs, fools and donkey kinds of people that show up on time. 

Over time and space, found a story to share, family of snakes, frogs and freaks, devils and angels, goat and sheep, horns of love, horns of hate, hats to wear, back in time, back in the day. Sister-wives, for a moment or two, pages of love and hate, words to recap. Views and noses, hard to say, noses in the air, houses build on sand, lots of land, time to heal. Time will correct everything, words to share, tales and stories of another life, my mothers, and my sisters, back in time. Second looks.

History recorded: 7 Apr 2013 - House or RV First?
Senior from La Quinta, Ca went on a flyaway trip to check out school,but did not tell Daddy when the return trip was.. Daddy was suppose to have phone ready for pick up,whenever. Sorry it did not happen that way, blocked on Daddy's phone, and Daddy said kid was stuck in airport. Not sure which one, just that was the sad story to get the hair back up on Daddy's head, so Daddy's new wife is the one that is to blame for the lack of communication between this 18 year old, ready to leave the state of California, because Mama is selling the house, and Daddy does not have a house. Which one more important a house, or an RV and nowhere to park it, for next move?

Madness to dance, madness to sing, mad enough to write about, trips to hell, hell hounds, next move. God knows about lies, mad about luck of monkeys to dodge, frogs to kiss, cash or credit to steal. Steal the words, steal the views, crook and hacker loose. Accounts stolen in yahoo,, went to Facebook to write letters of hate, changed the contact numbers, snakes inside, hottest way to hurt, to harm, to change written views. Hot air, heated hell hounds.. September 15, 2015: Facebook Raider: Dick Butch: Santago Smith, Reese Smith, URITA Smith, dead to shit in bag, p... more � The Recording Angels - The New Yorker
!0 more days to the most wonderful time of the year.

This what Christmas is about, according to Lucinda Franks:
�Christmas in Bethlehem. The ancient dream, a cold clear night made brilliant by a glorious star, the smell of incense, shepherds and wise men falling to their knees in adoration of the sweet baby, the incarnation of perfect love.�
Thanks Lucinda for reminding us 

And somebody [Author Unknown] said this:
�There are three phrases that sum up Christmas: PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO MEN and BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.�
You are funny Unknown.

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