Sunday, March 20, 2016

Journey Of More Success, Faces In Lights, Tweets And Follows.

Flipping pages, flipping coins, flipping cards on the table, left turn made. Peter Pan to some, the boy that did not get old, thanks for the moment in time. Last night rocks, thanks so much for the time, Smokey Robinson, great show, wanted to say. Cant wait to see you again, it was a birthday present, March 18, 2016-the day of rebirth. 

Love and hate, hats and horns, sinners and saints, ducks to water, gates to open. Hell hounds full of hate, open doors to fires, devils under the skin, faces in the mirror, faces of snakes. Tales to be told, stories to be written, 3 left turns, to get it right,back to square one. Starting over again, eggs in the fires,, birds to come back, life on earth, life with the devils we are, snakes and frogs for the moments, stuck in place. Hell hounds to watch,hell hounds looking for cheap tricks. Juctions of dogs, bitches in heat, glory daze done, coins to flip, cards to read. Great saints alive, cons and pros, pimps and land whales,white and blue, black and blue dreams, sad in your skins, dads and dogs, kids and goats, ways to grow, ways to expand, hopes for fires to stay alive, over time and space, good dazes and bad dazes. 

Dances in the dark, dances in tears, dances for the dead. Love and lost, death and taxes, everyone pays, so sooner than later, coins for the boat men. So much hope gone, missing you, the family gone ahead, stars in the skies. Dear notes to the dead,  tales of life on earth, once you were here. Back in time, back in space, back for the caps and the hits, horse and pony shows for the life you had, once back in the day. Notes of lovers, notes of others, spikes and laughs, tales to spin,good times, to recap the joys and pains, candles in the wind, lights out, stars to shine, moments in time, to live again, here and there, moments of joys. 

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