Sunday, March 20, 2016

3 Stars, 3 Paths, 3 Cycles, Seasons In Ages

Mountains to climb, fish and frogs in the house, charts to read, how to get by, works and jobs, trades for cash, horse and phony show, horses and rat racers, gifts to share. Noses and views, from three lattes saints, sinners with labels, ways to grow, ways to see the woods. Work and views, noses to blow, lack of brains to be seen. Pages of hairs to blame, hats and wigs to wear, hats and horns to sound, wigs and caps, hair and halos, angels in the ranks. Sailors or note, sinners to date, lights to turn on. Good times, lands of snakes and frogs, jobs for cash, trading time for money. Cycles of workers.

Smokey Robinson to Receive Music Cares Honor for Charitable Efforts. Love the stores of stories, tales in songs, over time and 
space, songs to delight the views, in the concerts, one last night, thanks so much, for coming to the desert. Indio grand 

 Wonderful man, songs to delight and stories to charm, ways to live large, not sure if he is 80 yet, looks great for the decades. Picture of purple and white, angel on earth, songs of a dove, high notes to hear, time has stopped for the age of one. Just  loved the purple suit, the purple shoes were the out of site, honey to bees, horse and pony shows, done so well, had a blast there. Rocking with the ages, wizards and wise mature men. Peter Pan to some, the boy that did not get old, thanks for the moment in time. Last night rocks, thanks so much for the time, Smokey Robinson, great show, wanted to say. Cant wait to see you again, it was a
 birthday present, March 18, 2016-the day of rebirth. 

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