Sunday, May 1, 2016

Freaks And Frogs, Plenty Of Fish In The Seas, Cows And Cattle.

...Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, White Niggers, Black Or Jewish Rites. Nice snake, black in sands of time, thanks. Frog Army, Jewish Frogs To Trees, jokes and laugh, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998, boy toy for daddy, Steven Jarrot, dicks to suck, good times. History notes: May 19, 2013, life upside down, lost car May 9th, 2013, snake in house, my sisters friend, yellow and black snake, frogs to dodge...Steven Jarrot 7608512267, crooks and robbers, classes on beach, RV pimps.

Hopes for a life of love and devotion, something that was not with this frog. Tips and tales, history recorded, tales of love and hate, horns to blow, sheep and goats, balls and chains. Steven Jarrot, the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share, and nothing like the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the Jew in the red hat, he knew his place in the 1600. Ask 760 851 2267.. Apr 14, 2014-Steven Jarrot, the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share. 
Black Movie Stars, Movie Hits, Actors Notes....Great Shows, Love and Hate, Goat Horns.....Signs Out, White Knights, Frogs Dates....Stop Signs, Stop is the word, Stop the madness, stop the songs and the dances, movies and films, dates on the sands of time. Pictures and words, have a few to spear, on do not need, wanted to say. Tips of girls, stories of fools, tales of monkeys and jackasses. Dates of love and hate, farms of sheep and goats, monkeys in the wood, bats and birds in the trees. Back to the starting places, over again must do the classes, classes of snakes, classes of monkeys in the dogwood trees. Dinner now. Movies at home, date is running late, home for the clothers to be done, more to do.

Year Of The Monkey, Movie Hits....Actors, Good Hits, Horse And Pony Shows

Monkey tales, joys and pains, bumps in the woods, in the dogwood trees, monkey swingers. Tips and tales of frogs, snakes, and monkeys to dodge. Trips to hell and back, songs on the radio, songs to sing and dance on the sands of time. Dimes to drops, coins to flip, cards on the table, happy and sad, lessons learned, monkeys going around a dogwood tree. Monkeys in the movies, monkeys in New York, men in yellow hats, fairy tales, movies and kids stories. 

Signs Out, White Knights, Frogs Dates....Paths chosen tell story of dreams, wishes and desires, that happen to be prayers also, hope floats searching for a place to land, and these places with do nicely, if you believe in magic. Hope hopping helps those that fell down, and having a hard time turning around, and turning the pages to more and better dazes without the snakes, cattle and jackasses, in the hills, valleys, and canyons in Riverside county in California. Watch out for the worms in the drinks, and the snakes in the grass, and the fake friends known as the Bisexual White Jarrot Jewish Frog Army 2015, or a herd of donkeys.

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