Sunday, May 1, 2016

Army Of Frogs, Hats And Horns, Dances With Dogs, Bitches In Wigs, Caps 2.

Into The Woods, One Nut Stands, Tree Trunks..Enchantment - You and Me....remove the American flag because it was offensive?American Girl: Black Knights, Angels White, Sunshine Shots...Hopes and dreams, back in the day, love for a day, then it died. Birds in the fire, eggs in the flames, birds to be born, every year, over again. Dates with birds of prey, March 18, the rebirth. Dazes of wars, dazes of battles, memories long ago. Trips to the heavens, trips with the eagles, birds of prey in the sky, eyes like harks, gifts in hands......

that friend that never wants to go out cause she doesn't like anybody, but you. Pieces of Dreams, Pieces of the action, movies to see, back in the day, Bill Bailey, " Would You Please, Come Home", Pearl Bailey song, for her brother, my father, by trade. Dancing dreams, dances in the dark, dances with my father, Jack Bailey, Bill Bailey, Walter Richard Bailey, Jr., names in the air. Happy notes, good cheers, holiday wishes, to cum and to go, trips to the land of sunny and bright weather, trips to California to do. Holiday hits, for the personal ones, happy birthday wishes for dad. Hats and horns to blow, love and hate, for a father, not a saint, tales of who was on top. Games of balls to toss in the air, games and cards on the tables, jacks and balls in the dirt, games of boys, games to play. Jokes and laughs, back in the day, back in time, back as a kid. Pages to turn, stories to write, no more time on spiders and snakes. Boys to men, games with cards, games with who can go all the way. Ways and means, , bumps in the roads, paths taken on the yellow, brick roads. Kid Rock - Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School.....Vine...Next Rachel Jarrot, cow to buffalo, butch ...2?remove the American flag because it was offensive?American Girl: Black Knights, Angels White, Sunshine Shots....Rachel Jarrot, slut for tricks, trips to hell and back, battles and wars, trips to jail and back. Good times for sluts for free rides, cheap tricks to dates on the side of the roads. .It's a sad day for dude at the jail because if it is true that he screwed two inmates there, Rachel Jarrot and Mandy Strong, then he was used and manipulated. They are both whores who think it is cool to be with another woman's man. One they said is a thief and the other is there for cooking and using and selling meth, while her child was in the same trailer. I think her name now is Franks but she been married several times so she probably isn't sure of her last name, it has changed so often.  

They both just probably yelled rape to try and get lighter sentences for themselves. From what all I have heard about the mandy girl is that she has been a drug using tramp for several years now. I have actually heard men talking about 3 or 4 of them lining up to do her one after the other.People like that don't deserve children. Some of us are good peoople and would cherish a child, not bring her up living the life of a drugged out whore.....First Class Dogs, Dawgs, and Dicks: Rach Jarrot, Dick 2, Rach Jay ...Life Is A Beach Blog | .One Nut To Stand, Dogwood Trees, Monkey Rites 2016....Dream Life.

 Once Right, Freddy Allen......Pieces of a Dream - Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams, Wings Broken 2 Broken Harts, Roses Red Notes, Flowers Tips Black and white matters, happy dazes again, tips to share, glory days done. Turns and bumps in the road, paths taken for the lessons on the way, classes on love and hate, classes on the beaches, classes on the sands of time. Happy Valentine day, every day, happy birthdays also, friends and frogs with hearts, new lovers and dates on the sands of time, have so much to say, 

Hands 2 Hearts, Frogs Tales, Open Eyes....Tales of love, tales of hate, tales from the dead. Stories of love and stories of hate, the love of others, to come into play. Stories told long ago, holiday hits, to give, to get, circles of love, circles of luck, circles of life to live. Dances in the dark, dances in the rain, dances done with the dead, Jacob Marley or Bob Marley, both dead, angels in the air. Twins angels, twins not while alive, for sure, why not when you die. Which one to ask, the seer of the heavens, the seas worlds, of dream dates, dead. Notes of the dead, tales of the deceased, stories of the expired.

Devils, Angels, Nightmare Dances Done...Into Darkness: Crook on base, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: best buy, computer thief. Great day on the right side, the right side of rights and reasons. To fail or not to fail to learn life lessons. Good bad and sad tales. Wishes on the moon, dances in the dark, dreams of he witches, wizards, frogs, dead, undead, and unstable. Dances done in the rain, tears to fill seven seas. Had a period of dead time, felt like I was living out of my body, and did not like the person I was or had become. Have had a problem with distance for the dislike of the impressions made by a snake standards.

Rat Races, Rat Training, Races WonSleeping Rats, Dead or Expired, Counting Tales...Dime A Dozen, Ways To Go, Dying Rats...Rachel Jarrot, Pets To Go, Rats Races Done...Online story to share, thanks. Daddy wolf, lone rider, bikes to steal, dreams to steal, cash or credit will do, how about a computer stolen by mistake?Good times, thanks so much. Sad and blue lack of growth, stuck in place every day, sinners and saints. Cats And Rats, Pets To Carry, Country Hits.

Frogs and snakes, tales tobshare, bumps in the road. Wood Rats, Bigger Than Cats, Dogs 2. tips of hate and love, happy holidays 2015, trips to the moon, dazes again, tails up I'm the air, dances in the dark...NOV 19, 2015: Sinners and Saints, Black Snakes In Grass, Steven Jarrot 9096251371. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, White Niggers, Black Or Jewish Rites. Nice snake, black in sands of time, thanks. Frog Army, Jewish Frogs To Trees, jokes and laugh, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998, boy toy for daddy, Steven Jarrot, dicks to suck, good times. History notes: May 19, 2013, life upside down, lost car May 9th, 2013, snake in house, my sisters friend, yellow and black snake, frogs to dodge...Steven Jarrot 7608512267, crooks and robbers, classes on beach, RV pimps.

Year Of The Monkey, Movie Hits....Actors, Good Hits, Horse And Pony Shows....Monkey tales, joys and pains, bumps in the woods, in the dogwood trees, monkey swingers. Tips and tales of frogs, snakes, and monkeys to dodge. Trips to hell and back, songs on the radio, songs to sing and dance on the sands of time. 

Dimes to drops, coins to flip, cards on the table, happy and sad, lessons learned, monkeys going around a dogwood tree. Monkeys in the movies, monkeys in New York, men in yellow hats, fairy tales, movies and kids stories. 

Signs Out, White Knights, Frogs Dates....Paths chosen tell story of dreams, wishes and desires, that happen to be prayers also, hope floats searching for a place to land, and these places with do nicely, if you believe in magic. Hope hopping helps those that fell down, and having a hard time turning around.

Tales of whales on land, Steven and Rach Jay, Sheri and Sima Jarrot. Faces of snakes, turning the pages to more and better dazes without the snakes, cattle and jackasses, in the hills, valleys, and canyons in Riverside county in California. Watch out for the worms in the drinks, and the snakes in the grass, and the fake friends known as the Bisexual White Jarrot Jewish Frog Army 2016, or a herd of donkeys.

Burger And Fries, Rats To Eat, Rats Told.....Bible stories, monkeys to hands, monkeys to hang, Jesus Christ, tales to share, fairy tales. Cakes and birthdays, wars and battles, lovers and haters, goats and sheep, cows to roam, home to eat. Cows, cattle, callers and snakes, dances in sands of time, stories to tell, stories to write. Songs to sing, frogs and snakes, glory dazes done. Trips to hell and back, time on the cross, time in the sun, dates with snakes, set to the music, songs to sing. Dances in the rain, dances in the sands, dances in the woods. 

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